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What The Experts Are Saying:

                             EEG biofeedback is a second generation of biofeedback (Neurofeedback) that addresses brain wave activity. 


“The literature suggests that EEG biofeedback therapy should play a major therapeutic role in many difficult areas. In my opinion, if any medication had demonstrated such a wide spectrum of efficacy, it would be universally accepted and widely used.”

–Frank Duffy, MD, Neurologist, Head of Neuroimaging Department and of Neuroimaging Research at Boston Children’s Hospital, and Harvard Medical School


“EEG biofeedback, in the long term management of ADHD, provides a sustained effect even without stimulant treatment… Parents interested in non-psychopharmacologic treatment can pursue the use of complementary and alternative therapy. The therapy most promising by recent clinical trials appears to be EEG biofeedback (Neurofeedback).”

– Katie Campbell Daley, MD, Department of Medicine, Children’s Hospital Boston and in the Department of Pediatrics of the Harvard Medical School


“EEG biofeedback meets the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry criteria for clinical guideline for treatment of ADHD, seizure disorders, anxiety (OCD, GAD, PTSD, phobias), depression, reading disabilities, and addictive disorders.  This suggests that EEG biofeedback should always be considered as an intervention for these disorders…”

– Sufen Chiu, MD, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, UC Davis

“I find it unfortunate when physicians including those involved with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) neurorehabilitation tell patients that after 18 months they have obtained all the return they can expect and will have to learn to adapt to their remaining deficits. I have often seen neurofeedback produce significant improvements years after the original injury.”

D. Corydon Hammond, Website of the International Brain Injury Society



"I have seen many changes in myself since doing Neurofeedback. I am able to think more clearly, the fog has lifted. I have considerably less fatigue and migraines. Because of these two significant changes, I have more creative energy and I am able to participate and connect with my children and husband without feeling spent by the end of the day. Interestingly, it feels so natural to feel better that at times, I need to remind myself that before my 20 sessions I was a worn out mom who couldn't even plan dinner!"


"I tried neurofeedback as a last resort for my migraine headaches, and now wish that I had tried it first!  I had suffered with at least one intense migraine a week...for years....and have been migraine-free for a month now! Other benefits of the brain training have been sounder sleep, improved memory and relief from food cravings.  I'm so grateful!"


"Having suffered severe trauma as a child, I've dealt with PTSD, nightmares and debilitating depression for most of my adult life. I had tried anti-anxiety meds, anti-depressants, various types of counseling and self-help books, but was still hurting and having a hard time functioning in life.  A friend told me about your neurofeedback training and insisted that I give it a try.  I'm happy to report that my life will never be the same!  I feel like I have been give a second chance at life, and cannot even believe how different I feel. No more nightmares, no more depression, PTSD has subsided and I am loving life! And the treatments were so easy and actually enjoyable.  I can't thank you enough!"

Gloria L

"My ten year old son has been going to PNF for almost a year and his life has been dramatically changed. Portland Neurofeedback (and the staff that comes with it) has not only changed my sons life- but our family life as well. I wish I knew of neurofeedback at PNF so much sooner. Its an incredible tool and the learning experience about how the brain works is pretty magical. You truly will not find a more engaged and attentive group of people who want to invest in the mental health and growth of others. My son is living proof that Portland Neurofeedback is really a very special place filled with an incredibly special staff and method that will absolutely change your life. We are forever grateful."  


I have struggled with OCD, anxiety and depression for my entire life. Doing Neurofeedback has not only changed but also saved my life. The time it takes to pull out of a downward spiral is about 90% less than it was (yes, that is my real #). And then there is the staff. I have been working with them for almost 2 months now and it has been nothing short of fabulous. VERY accommodating and their office just has a certain sense of calm. Not to mention they are 1000% passionate about what they are doing. I cannot recommend them or what they are doing high enough. Personally I have really only used their Neuroptimal system. But it has literally changed my life

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