When the need for Neurofeedback is associated with a mental health condition, therapy is recommended in conjunction with the treatment.  Portland Neurofeedback is a part of The PATH Center (Portland Attachment and Trauma Healing Center), and we have therapists on site.  We also collaborate with many local therapists, alcohol and drug counselors, psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners and naturopaths in our community.  To learn more about The PATH Center, visit our website:

If you do not have a therapist, you are welcome to call Portland Neurofeedback/The PATH Center and take advantage of our counseling services. Upon requesting services, we ask our clients if they have a history of trauma. Trauma includes but is not limited to: being raised by parents who: were emotionally, verbally and or physically abusive, mentally ill, physically and or emotionally neglectful, incarcerated, had drug or alcohol concerns, physically or emotionally abandoned you, and any type of sexual abuse.

People are resilient and many of us have some of the above mentioned traumas in our history. We are still able to create and keep long term intimate loving relationships. However, if you have several of the above mentioned concerns, you may be struggling in the areas of interpersonal relationships, job performance and play (your down time). 


Neurofeedback, Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP), and HeartMath calm the body's autonomic and central nervous systems. This feeling of calming can be very helpful for people with anxiety disorders, health concerns or a mild mental health diagnosis. 

When a person with a history of extreme trauma experiences a calming of their body, it can trigger a sense of vulnerability. Vulnerability is healthy and good for most of us, but people with extreme trauma, can feel anxious, agitated or immobilized.  If you have a history of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, we would speak with your therapist prior to you beginning treatment.  If you do not have a therapist, we would ask that you work with a therapist elsewhere, or at Portland Neurofeedback prior to receiving Neurofeedback or SSP.

Special Note: As of January 1, 2020, we will be able to accept clients, who are on the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) and are under the new TRILLIUM CCO.  If you currently have OHP coverage, it is just a matter of selecting Trillium as your provider.  To make the switch, call 877-647-0027 by November 17th!