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MOTOR VEHICLE INSURANCE:  Will generally pay for Neurofeedback


WORKMAN'S COMPENSATION: Will generally pay for Neurofeedback if your doctor recommends the treatment.

FLEXIBLE SAVINGS ACCOUNTS: Generally, can be used for Neurofeedback.  Please check with your account administrators.


PRIVATE INSURANCE: We do not bill Commercial insurance for Neurofeedback at this time.  A superbill/invoice can be provided for reimbursement.

OUT OF POCKET PRICING: Our fee for Neurofeedback is $125.00 per session.  The price remains $125.00 even when you receive two types of Neurofeedback in the same day. Your intake with a licensed mental health clinician is $175.00 and will be scheduled just prior to your first session. We offer package pricing and you can convert to package pricing within the first five sessions.  Purchasing packages can reduce the per session price by 20% depending on the package you choose. 


We offer a sliding scale application with steep discounts for those who qualify.  Documentation is required.  ​


Rentals include a training appointment and on-going technical support at no additional cost. This option is nice for people who live outside the city or whose schedule makes regular appointments challenging.


  1. Up to 10 sessions: $600/month ($60/session): Ideal for 1 person to train 2-3 times/week 

  2. Up to 20 sessions: $800/month ($40/session): Ideal for a small family.

  3. Unlimited Plan: $1,000/month: Great for larger families and can be used by two families.

PURCHASE NEUROPTIMAL: Portland Neurofeedback is authorized Zengar representative and a power user of  NeurOptimal® equipment.  We are happy to help you choose the right system, support you before, during, and after your purchase.  We can even help you get movies on your system. 

PURCHASE HEALY: Portland Neurofeedback is an also an authorized Healy representative. We are happy to introduce you to this new frequency technology and guide you through your purchase and support you after your purchase.

PURCHASE HEARTMATH: Portland Neurofeedback is an also an authorized provider of the Heartmath system. The system is available for purchase in clinic. 

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