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Margaret Rust, LPC      She/Her

Margaret has over 25 years of experience working in various areas of the field of Mental Health. Margaret specializes in trauma, abuse, special needs, loss and grief, and life transitions. She has training in Sensory Integration, Neuroeducation, Applied Behavioral Analysis, EMDR, and Life Span Integration. Her background and life experiences led her to a multivariate approach when collaborating with clients and the people who support them. She has been trained in traditional therapies but prefers modalities such as Lifespan Integration, EMDR, and Neuroeducation. She works with the client through a learning process anchored in movement to treat at the root cause while activating, integrating, and building on positive connections within their relationship with self, family and others. Margaret has been with her husband for 33 years. They have two adopted children and a biological son with severe complex neurological conditions resulting in severe behaviors and medical challenges.

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