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Rachel Johnson, BS     She/Her

Rachel graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from Utah State University in 2015. While there, Rachel discovered a passion for neuroscience and apprenticed at the university's neuroscience lab, where she began hands-on experience studying brain regions and treatments for disorders such as Alzheimer's, addiction, anxiety, and depression. Since graduating and moving to Portland in 2017, she's had roles in both residential and outpatient treatment centers that ranged in treating addiction, trauma, at-risk youth, autism, adhd, and general mental health. Rachel has a passion for studying the brain and all of its complex features. It makes her happy to see clients improve their mental health and quality of life. When she's not at work, she is either feeding the neighborhood squirrels, taking her pet rabbit to the farmer's market or on a city adventure, or making up recipes and feeding her friends!

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