Every person is unique, the pace of change differs from person to  person. Young brains change much faster than older ones, and small issues shift more quickly than larger ones. Typically, the more long standing and entrenched the symptoms are, the more sessions you will need. You can expect the gains to be cumulative over the course of treatment.  Just give us a call to see if this innovative technology might be right for your unique situation. We are happy to answer any questions you might have. 


In general, a minimum of 20 sessions are recommended. For Autistic spectrum and severe autoimmune disorders, expect a greater number of sessions to be needed.

For most, simply relieving uncomfortable symptoms or improving performance is enough. Others want to move forward into peak performance and tackle new goals. Ultimately, self-improvement is a lifelong continuum. How much is enough?  We can help you decide.

Step 1

Call or email us so that we can set up an appointment for you. 

Clients will have an initial Intake Session, followed by their first session of Neurofeedback. 

Step 2

Fill out your intake paperwork though our paperless patient portal . If you are hoping to use your insurance, let office staff know so that they can check your benefits. 

Step 3

Once in a while people feel a little drowsy following their first few sessions of Neurofeedback. We invite you to stay and have a cup of tea and relax in a recliner, before driving.