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Every person is unique. The time it takes to experience change differs from person to  person. Young brains change much faster than older ones and small issues shift more quickly than larger ones. Typically the more long standing and entrenched the symptoms are the more sessions you will need. You can expect the gains to be cumulative over the course of treatment. In general a minimum of 20 sessions are recommended. For Autistic spectrum, concussion and severe autoimmune disorders expect a greater number of sessions to be needed.  


One of the things that makes Portland Neurofeedback unique, is we have four different types of Neurofeedback. We are able to combine different kinds of Neurofeedback within those twenty sessions. The cost of an intake by a licensed mental health therapist is $125.00. The cost for a session of Neurofeedback is also $125.00.  We have packages available to reduce the price and you can transition to a package within your first four sessions. 


Unless you have previously received Neurofeedback, we begin with our non-invasive Neuroptimal system. We have found when we begin Neurofeedback by asking the brain to move on its own, we get more movement later when we are more deliberate.  The second type of Neurofeedback we add in is LENS.  LENS is invasive and we use it to map or measure the hz and flexibility of 21 sites  on your head.  After mapping, LENS often only take 10 to 15 minutes so gift Neuroptimal on the same day.  The two types of Neurofeedback work well paired together.  The next type of Neurofeedback we add into your protocol is Infra-low (operant conditioning).  By this point the client has some idea of a preference. We work closely with clients to change and fine tune their protocols.


After twenty sessions, we can introduce Alpha Theta. This type of Neurofeedback is designed to treat developmental trauma.  Is not to be introduced prior to twenty sessions as some clients find it destabilizing. 

For most, simply relieving uncomfortable symptoms or improving performance is enough. Others want to move forward into peak performance and tackle new goals. Ultimately self-improvement is a lifelong continuum. How much is enough?  We can help you decide. Just give us a call to see if this innovative technology might be right for your unique situation. We are happy to answer any questions you might have. 

Step 1

Call us so that we can set you up in our portal. Then we will send you a link to follow, to fill out intake paperwork. 


Step 2

Let us know if you are hoping to use your insurance.  We will need to check your insurance benefits. 

Step 3

Schedule an intake session with a licensed mental health provider. Then enjoy your first session of Neurofeedback. 

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