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Georgia Lopez, Registered Associate    She/Her

Georgia is a Spanish speaking clinician who holds a masters degree in Marriage and Family Counseling, with an emphasis on attachment and artistic approaches. Georgia is passionate and gentle in her approach; walking beside those who have been impacted by significant trauma. She specializes in treating those who have experienced abuse, abandonment, betrayal, domestic; emotional and physical abuse. She embraces a genuine belief in the capabilities, spirit, light and strengths of each individual. She understands our sense of self can be the first thing we lose sight of when navigating in a world that can perpetuate trauma and disregard. Georgia works closely and delicately with each individual to ensure that their desired journey is supported and ultimately achieved. As a survivor of trauma herself, spending time as a child in foster care, Georgia holds strong awareness of the complexities and impacts of trauma to an individual. Georgia has first hand experience in working with diversity and enjoys being of support to others navigating social challenges. She herself raised her two adult children as a single parent. In her free time Georgia enjoys time with her family, her cat, reading, riding her bike, going to educational seminars, having picnics, cooking, sewing, crafts and enjoying time near lakes and beaches.

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