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Mary Miyakawa, LCSW      She/Her

Mary received her MSW at the University of California, Berkeley. Mary had a private practice for thirty years specializing in trauma therapy for adopted children and adult women survivors of childhood abuse. In 2005 she met Gail Hardman-Woung at the PSU Post Graduate Training in for Foster and Adoption Therapy program. Members of that group have met monthly for group consultation since that time. The group interest has been in study and training of the most current research on how the young child’s brains are impacted by trauma and attachment disruption. Mary and her husband, were blessed with a baby from Korea, an African American baby from Portland, Oregon. Then a brother, 10, and sister, 11, out of the war in Vietnam. Then an African American son, 7, from Cincinnati, Ohio and a daughter, 12, from India. In the same years, they joined four other adoptive couples to form the Plan Loving Adoptions Agency in McMinnville, Oregon, which placed thousands of children from around the world for 30 years. Mary’s children have given she and her husband 17 beautiful grand children. Mary has a strong faith that she believes has enabled she and her family to endure the hard times. Especially now, as they all support her husband through the stages of Alzheimer’s.

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